Media Mentions


Here are some media mention sites for Nancy:

  • Trevor Cooper wrote about property analysis and included information about Qi flow in and through a house, quoting Nancy Canestaro in several examples. Read the article on Harmony and Your House, posted June 28, 2012.
  • Nancy answers five questions from HGTV Facebook fans, which includes ways to find your personal I Ching Trigrams. Visit the HGTV Design Happens Blog, published June 2, 2010, to see Nancy’s responses.
  • Dowsing is a centuries-old method for finding water and minerals, and can also be used to find power places on the land and in homes. Areas of detrimental/stuck energy also can be transmuted into neutral or beneficial energy through dowsing. Click here for an article on Getting in Touch by J. Brian Long, posted on, March 7, 2008.
  • Metro Pulse writer, Mike Gibson, wrote an article about Feng Shui after Nancy Canestaro did an analysis of a couple’s house. Many positive changes resulted from the exchange. View the Feng Shui for the Masses article, posted October 28, 2000.