What is Feng Shui?

As both an exquisite art and meticulous science, Feng Shui is a 2,000 year old method of evaluating the influence on people of the subtle natural forces around them. Feng Shui helps people align living spaces to natural energy fields for the purpose of promoting wealth, good health and peace of mind.

To understand the effect of natural energy, imagine how you feel when you walk through an Asian meditation garden or spend time on a patio surrounded by a beautiful flower garden, complete with song birds and moving, crystal clear water. Such places blend nature with man-made environments. We may not understand why, but we always sense the beneficial effects of a harmonious blending of natural energies into and around our homes and places of work. Feng Shui gives a better understanding of how these energies work and what we can do to take advantage of and increase the positive energies around us.

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Ask the Feng Shui Lady

Originally appearing on the HGTV Design Happens Blog, we're continuing the popular series Ask the Feng Shui Lady where you can ask Nancy a question here on this website, or visit the original post on the HGTV Design Happens Blog.