Healthy Home Checklist

Excerpt from an Article Authored by Nancy Canestaro, D. Arch., first published in Bountiful Health Magazine, June 2004, p.28.

Feng Shui comes from an ancient practice of connecting with Earth energy for a better life. When we go with the flow of the prevailing energy from the land, we experience greater health, harmony and prosperity. See what you have going for you in the following checklist

In the Landscaping…
___ Gentle breezes pass across the land and through my home. Nothing feels stagnant.
___ Rain soaks into the ground without soaking the foundation or running off.
___ At least ten feet of flat land is in the front and back of my home.
___ No buildings, hills, or other structures tower over my home.
___ No roofs, corners of buildings, streets, or tree branches point at my home.
___ Gardens, landscaping beds, and pathways are done in gentle curves, not straight lines.
___ Most of the rooms in my home have sunlight for a few hours a day.

At the Entry into My Home…
___ The front door opens easily to allow good energy from the land to enter..
___ A clear pathway from the front door to the street allows abundance to flow my way.
___ There is no window or door opposite the front door in the back of my house.
___ In 2013 there are lots of white flowers planted outside all entries into my home.

In the Living and Dining Room…
­­­___ I can relax in the living room of my home.
___ The area where I relax is separate from where I dine or do other activities.
___ To contain good energy, furniture in my living room is arranged in a “U-Shape.”

In the Kitchen…
___ The cook can see the entrance into the room while he or she is cooking.
___ A bathroom door doesn’t open into the kitchen.
___ The cook has a peaceful view to bring healing energy into the meals being prepared.
___ No sharp knives or other sharp implements are hanging or out in the open.
___ The kitchen is well lit and ventilated.

In the Bedroom…
___ It’s easy to go to sleep and stay asleep.
___ There is no clutter in the bedroom, especially under the bed.
___ The bed is not positioned straight across from the door into the room.
___ The bed is at least six feet away from where the tv or clock radio are plugged in.
___ There is no mirror opposite the bed.
___ The door to the bathroom is closed at night.
___ The bed is not under a ceiling beam, tray, ceiling, or ceiling fan.

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