Feng Shui Step-By-Step

Powerpoint by:  Nancy C. Canestaro, D.Arch.

Classical Feng Shui philosophy depends on an understanding of the land, building layout, and the people who live or work in the building. The attached PowerPoint presentation, leads you step-by-step through basic information as to how classical Feng Shui, particularly Eight Mansions, works.

Energy may work better for one individual than for others in the same building. In Eight Mansions, people and buildings fall into one of two groups of energies. People will either match the basic energy in a building, or not. In addition, where people spend time in a building may or may not match their personal energy patterns.

The attached pdf leads you through determining the Trigram* for any building, for you personally, and any others you live or work with. Then there are steps to follow for the best locations in a building in general, and the best orientation for beds in a home or desks in an office for each individual.

Eight Mansions is one of several methods of carrying out a classical Feng Shui reading in a building. Please note, however, it is most important to conduct a Flying Stars analysis of  a building first and apply the remedies, and then fine-tune the process by orienting people in their best Eight Mansions locations.

*Trigrams are eight energy patterns coming from the ancient Chinese text, Yijing, The Book of Changes.

Download a PDF version of this presentation…Feng Shui Step by Step


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  1. javi

    very helpful ppt, thank you very much.
    If you have more pdf and ppt files please email mail
    Best regards

    1. ncanestaro

      The Powerpoint is from a presentation I do in our local area. I’m glad it was helpful. It’s basically from a system of Feng Shui (Ba Zhai/Eight Mansions) that’s easy to learn and apply. Look up Fei Xing (Flying Stars) Feng Shui for an even more potent way to bring prosperity and harmony into your home/life.

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