Five Things to Ponder for a More Restful Sleep

Author:  Nancy C. Canestaro, D.Arch.

Have you ever taken the time to look…really look… at the space where you sleep and evaluate what helps you have restful sleep. Conversely, what keeps you awake? Feng Shui has remedies you might take into account to correct or enhance your sleep.

I love to do this sort of exercise as almost a meditation process. Sometimes I will just go into a room and sit quietly for a few minutes with a pen and notebook. When I’m comfortable and really connected with the space, I’ll “ask” what is sleep enhancing and what is agitating about the space. Below are five things you might want to consider to have a better quality of sleep.

What Bothers You In the Room?
Is there clutter anywhere, clothes laying around, things to do, etc.? What would it take for you to clear the “to do’s” from view? At the very least de-clutter around the bed. Remove the piles of clothes, projects, books, bills, etc. from view of the bed. Purchase storage cabinets to organize the stuff in the room. Horizontal storage units feel more peaceful than tall dressers.

What Kind of Art Is Around You  Where You Sleep?
Use art to help you achieve your goals. Want to find a mate? Hang art over the bed of a happy couple, not a single, wistful looking person. If you want children, hang a picture of children happily playing. Want to travel the world, hang art of far-away places.

Where Is the Bed Located?
It’s harder to get to sleep and stay asleep if the bed is in line with the door into the room. Place the bed on the wall opposite the door,  but not in line with the door opening.

Are There Any Electrical Objects on the Tables Next to the Bed?
Plug anything that is around the bed on a wall at least six feet from the bed. The emf’s and light coming off an electric clock, for example, could disrupt sleep patterns. It’s best to plug in a clock on a piece of furniture at least six feet away from the bed. Electric clocks, etc. are more disruptive to sleep than a television plugged in more than six feet from the bed. Also be sure that the power entering the house is at least six feet away from where anyone sleeps. Finally, remove as many mirrors from the room as possible.

Is There a Bathroom off the Bedroom?
Be sure this door is closed when you go to bed. It’s best not to have the kitty’s litter box in a bathroom off a bedroom. Think about this one!

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