Sacred Garden

From an Article Written by Nancy Canestaro, D. Arch. first published in Natural Awakenings, March, 2013, p.16.

Gardening can be more than simply selecting planting materials for their color, texture, and massing around the home. Symbolism could also be a factor for selecting garden materials. A garden can be public and vibrant in the front of a house, or it can be private in a more secluded area of the property.

Let’s say you would like to create a meditative space that offers tranquility and a place for introspection  somewhere on your property . Below are a few ideas for this sacred space:

Create a sense of tranquillity, a cloistered area in the back of the property which could be screened by hedges or panel fencing.

Set up curving walkways made of flat stones or pebbles that guide you into and around the garden.

Symbolism or Sacred Objects:
Use statues, pottery, or other artifacts to connect personally with the divine

Hang bells, wind chimes, gongs, or plant material with flowers and berries that attract song birds.

Moving Water:
Set up a pond feature or round containers of bubbling water with seating nearby to enjoy the nurturing atmosphere.

Moving Water with Sound:
Install a Japanese Water Harp, Suikinkutsu for the most delightful sound you can imagine.

Natural Objects:
Avoid the artificiality of plastic or composite materials. Design with wood, stone, and earthen objects.

Design with seasonal colors for focus, fragrance, and delight all year lone.

Capture natural light, sunrise in the morning and the last glow of the sun in the afternoon, as well as stars at night accented by candles, torches or a fire pit.

Select seating that allows you to meditate comfortably

Bottom Line:
It’s never too late to plan an outside retreat from the frenetic lifestyle most of us lead.

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