Manifesting Using Feng Shui and Crystals

From a presentation made to the Rhama Center, Knoxville, Tennessee, August 18, 2013

Much is written about how to set intentions for a better life. One of the toughest tasks can be how to remain focused on what you want long enough to see it manifest. Many books guide you in framing an aspiration. However few sources give advice for staying focused on your goal over time.

Placing props or cues in areas that act as a constant reminder of what you want can help this manifesting process work.

Crystal remedies in combination with the home’s natural energy patterns are one way to help you focus on your goal. This works because you’re using natural energy coming from the land to bring in what you want.

How do you determine what the objects for manifesting should be and where they should be located? This is where a Feng Shui process in conjunction with different crystals can help.

Feng Shui uses a nine square grid (bagua) laid over the floor plan of a house with each aspiration assigned to a different sector of the grid. Life aspiration categories include wealth, health/longevity, knowledge/education, career, mentors, children/creativity, relationships/marriage, fame. When placed in particular sectors, crystals can act as a bridge between a person’s astrology and what is being manifested.

The Manifestation Map (Bagua)

SE – Xun 4

S – Li 9

SW – Kun 2



W – Dui – 7   Children


NKan1 Career

NWQian6 Mentors

Orient the bagua so that the front direction of your home
(the wall with the main door)
is the top middle square of the grid shown above.

The Manifesting Exercise…

Take a goal you have and match it with one of the eight aspirations shown above, i.e., wealth. Next, find the directional sector in your home that matches this aspiration and somewhere in this area, set up a focal point to work with your goal. Use crystals that have characteristics of your goal and that also that enhance your personal energy. (Crystal Bible by Judy Hall is a good resource for the best crystals to use in this process.)

Use Ceremony to Manifest a Goal…

Be creative in selecting the objects placed at  your focal point. It’s also important how you relate to these objects. Spend some time each day for twenty one days in a row at this location anticipating your dream coming true. Use prayer or some other similar ceremonial method to help you concentrate.

Crystals from the Bagua…

Crystals placed in Earth Sectors of the Bagua, (SW, NE, CENTER) are in power spots. Areas nourished by Earth also work for crystal placement (W, NW, E/Health, and SE/Wealth). Be careful using crystals in the North (especially for Career) since Earth/crystals muddies Water/North.

for meditation, travel/protection
Agate (Moss) for wealth
for cleansing/protection
Amethyst for spiritual purification, stress
Ammonite for healing the earth/wisdom
Aquamarine for truth/releasing fear/peace
Carnelian at FRONT DOOR for $, Yang,
stabilizes energy in home/focus
Cinnabar for fame and $
Citrine for abundance, releases fear, in KITCHEN/BATH
Copper reduces swelling, inflammation
Coral for intuition, visualization, peace
Diamond to heal, amplifier, brain, purity
Emerald emotions, heart, dreams, patience
Garnet energy, imagination, stubbornness
Gold Coins (Chinese) for wealth in SE
Hematite home protector FRONT DOOR
Jade for serenity, meditation, nurturing
Jasper to heal, for unity, in KITCHEN
Lapis Lazuli releases tension, knowledge,  fame, Yin, drains migraines, OFFICE/LR
Magnetite sedates overactive organ, stimulates sluggish one, for health EAST
Malachite for flow, heals, helps aching joints, for radiation protection/EAST
Moonstone soothes chakras, feminine
Obsidian volcanic glass for grounding, spacy, reduces stress, HALL/BR
Opal for intuition, feminine, LR/OFFICE
Pearl, moon stone, feminine, faith, purity, strengthens energy field, in BR
Peridot friendly, for stress, mind, KID’s BR
Pyrite for protection, calm, $, OFFICE
Ruby success, courage, integrity, $ AREA
Sapphire creativity, loyalty, KIDS/$ AREA
Quartz (Clear) for harmony/negative ions/radiation; Rose Quartz most loving, heart, Yin, BR; Rutilated Quartz chronic conditions, exhaustion; Smoky Quartz for grounding LR; Long Quartz Crystal with small crystals at base attracts abundance
Tiger’s Eye “sand/sunlight” grounding in SE;  Hawk’s Eye for wealth in SE
Topaz true love, success, love, joy, SOUTH
Tourmaline for protection, fear, wealth, electromagnetic, in OFFICE or STUDY
Turquoise protects, courage, lucky stone

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