Feng Shui? Here’s Why…

by Nancy C. Canestaro, D.Arch.

Why should you consider using Feng Shui remedies and enhancements for your home or place of work? One good reason is because it can improve the quality of your life.

Everyone’s home and workplace has two or three really good areas of energy and two or three stagnant/pull you down areas. I’ll bet you can even figure out where these high and low energy places are without a Feng Shui consultant. Changing your living patterns could help you feel better at home and be more productive at work.

Here are a few reasons to use Feng Shui principles…

They bring about change!

If you’re feeling stuck in your life, one way to perk things up would be to move your stuff around, especially furniture. Eat, work, sleep or watch tv, in a different place.

They work!

Try making one change at a time for a few days before making the next, so you can evaluate how well it’s working. For example, if you have problems sleeping, try a different room or moving the bed around in the room where you sleep. Then make your next change.

They’re easy to apply!

Often, shifting yourself into an area of positive energy is as simple as tuning into what places feel good to you and then spending more time there. If mealtimes aren’t particularly pleasant, try eating somewhere else. If you’re not waking up rested in the morning, try sleeping somewhere else, or de-clutter the room where you’re sleeping. Stagnant places attract clutter.

They typically involve using something you already have on hand!

Remedies can be as simple as shifting furniture or art on the walls, moving people around from one place to another, getting rid of accumulated stuff. Or, it can be using one of the five elements from the earth… Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water.

Often when a place feels stuck or arguments are occurring, something as simple as adding Metal, such as a set of wind chimes could raise the energy.

There are calculations to let you know exactly which of the Five Elements should go where. If after adding Metal chimes in an area, for example, your life seems more chaotic or you have metal injuries, then remove the metal in that area and have a Feng Shui consultant assist with remedy placement.

They encourage you to pay attention to what is happening in your life!

Typically we’re so busy that we don’t pay attention to what makes us happy. It’s important to take time regularly and explore what works and doesn’t work in your life. These occasional time-outs can help you make shifts in your daily routine that might bring you even greater health, harmony, and prosperity.

They give you a new lease on life!

Finally, I love the following quote from Tony Robbins…

If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you always got.

So, really, what have you got to lose?

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