Winter into Spring 2015

Winter into Spring 2015
by Nancy C. Canestaro, D.Arch.

Ok…I don’t know about you, but my feeling is that we have just passed through a tsunami of a Spring Equinox. It’s meant to help us get rid of some things we’ve held onto for way too long that may no longer be serving us. Have you done this yet? There’s still time.

Below are some suggestions for early Spring corrections to your home or workplace that might nurture this letting go of the old energies and bringing in new ones.

To begin the process, draw a nine-square grid over a floor plan of your home and note the compass orientation for each sector (North, South, East, West, and SE, NE, NW, SW).

Several general rules for the year… Don’t face, have the head of your bed against the SW (Grand Duke) from 202-218 degrees or disturb the ground outside here (and in the NE from 22-38 degrees). Avoid the West entirely all year with the disruptive 5/Earth.

Below are general guidelines for places to spend time in or remedy this Spring.

Sector Directions Mar 6 Apr 5 May 6
North + ++ +
Northwest +-
Southwest + +- +
South +- +-
East +- +-
Northeast +-

+’s are beneficial energies; -‘s are detrimental

Beginning March 6First, determine the directions in your home where you sleep, work, or spend more than a couple of hours a day. If possible, sleep or play in the + areas, and avoid the – spaces. The North sector of any building is typically quite festive in March. The SW sector could bring career success and money. Avoid disturbing the Grand Duke though. The West could bring headaches and the NW breast issues. No heavy discussions for couples in the East and SE please.

Beginning April 5Yearly and monthly energies are doubled up this month, so double whatever is there. The North is particularly good this month for health and wealth. The East is also very good for academics and money. The SW works for futuring endeavors. The SE and West are trouble in April. Avoid if possible. There’s lots of neutral energy around this month.

From May 6-June 5 The SW is quite festive this month. Just be careful not to disturb the Grand Duke. The North is extra sexy. The East could bring career and monetary gain. It’s best, however, to avoid the West with breast and relationship issues. The SE also could bring hard times to a marital relationship. No heavy discussions with your mate if this energy is in your bedroom, or better yet, sleep elsewhere for the month. Use these suggestions as general guidelines.

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