Dowsing for High Energy Places

Dowsing for High Energy Places
by Nancy C. Canestaro, D.Arch.

You know how it is when you run into something that just rings true…

That’s the way it was for me in 1997, after studying dowsing at Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England, and other sacred sites in Avebury.

What’s really interesting is that it’s easier than most people think to find high energy places on just about any piece of property…maybe not as powerful as energies at Stonehenge, but useable and useful nonetheless.

These are places that make us feel good after just a little exposure to them. Some are calming, or yin, (like the Chalice Well, and others energizing, yang, as at Michael’s Tor.) And, there’s a way to find these places easily.

Power spots occur at the intersections of two positively charged ley lines. A flume of energy rises from these intersections, and, if we are in the area of the flume, we can benefit from the energy hit. Conversely, the intersection of two negatively charged ley lines can deplete energy.

References to dowsing date as early as 2200 BC. Its practice continued to be recorded through the time of Moses (where some believe it is mentioned in the book of Exodus–chapter 17, verse 6) and on into the present.

Though perhaps most commonly noted as an effective method to locate underground water, dowsing can be used in lots of different ways.

If you can dowse for water, you can dowse for just about anything. So, why is it that we don’t use this ability in everyday life? We can.

However to what purpose should we apply this skill? Dowsing gives us a method of focusing on our question, so that we can hear our inner answer. Typically we don’t believe what our intuition is telling us.

Dowsing helps to bridge this gap. It is defined as “an ancient art of accessing information not typically available to us through the use of our regular senses”.

This is where dowsing is helpful. You have physical evidence of the answer to your question. If the rods point inward that’s one response, and if they point outward, it’s the opposite.

You don’t have to wonder whether what you are “receiving” is true or not. Dowsing allows you to grasp your mental conclusions without all the static (“mind chatter”). You see evidence of it in the direction the dowsing rods move.

You can also use dowsing charts that result in a calibrated response. This could be as simple as a “yes” or “no” response, a scale from one to ten, or a range of responses, such as excellent,
good, neutral, detrimental, really bad.

Let’s explore how this can be useful in a feng shui analysis. The science of feng shui is based on calculations that determine where beneficial and detrimental energies reside in any building. You can find the good and bad areas of energy without having to feel for them. They are where they are according to age-old mathematical formulas.

The art of dowsing is a softer approach to where good and bad energies are located in a building or on a piece of property. You are only asked to dispel doubt that this system can work. If you believe it can’t, it won’t. Dowsing is not a science. It’s trusting in your instincts, what you feel. My suggestion…just try it.

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