Five Quick and Easy Feng Shui Remedies for 2019

Five Quick and Easy Feng Shui Remedies for 2019
by Nancy C. Canestaro, D.Arch.

The Process
A fun thing to do each year is a Feng Shui tune-up for the energies coming in from the land. The Chinese New Year starts on February 4 in 2019 and will last until February 3, 2020.

Two general energies to avoid or remedy around your home outside and inside relate to the Yin Earth Pig, the Chinese animal for the year.

The first energy is called, Tai Sui. It is located in the exact direction of the animal for the year, the Pig. This year the Tai Sui is located in the Northwest, particularly the fifteen-degree sector between 292.5-degrees and 307.5 on a compass.

The orientation of many towns is on a South/North axis, so be sure to determine whether your front door is on this axis. Keep the Tai Sui area outdoors and inside quiet. Don’t disturb the soil here. If this is where a door comes into your home, be careful not to slam the door. Noise of renovations close to the house here can disturb the Grand Duke Tai Sui. When “he’s” unhappy, you could have problems, especially health related. Inside, avoid facing the Northwest direction head on. This includes where you sit and also the direction of the head of your bed where you sleep.

The second direction relating to the Dragon, and directly opposite the Tai Sui, is the Sui Po (also called the Year Breaker). The direction for Sui Po is Southeast, between 112.5 and 127.5 degrees. Avoid noise and renovations outside here also. If you can’t avoid digging in the ground in either of these areas, at least hang a six-tube, hollow metal chimes between the renovation and the structure.

Inside your home there are three areas to remedy. To find these areas, divide a floor plan of your home into nine equal segments and label the eight directions out from each sector (center and the eight compass directions) based on the orientation of the structure.

Feng Shui Energy Map

Divide your floor plan into nine equal divisions. (Represents Center and the Eight Compass Directions)

Place remedies in the following sectors of your home for the potentially difficult energies. In the Southwest direction, with the troublesome “5” Earth energy, add Metal, such as weights, coins, or other objects made of metal or the sound of moving metal heart from the center of the house.

The “2” Earth energy in the NE, indicating ill health also needs Metal as a remedy. If you are sleeping in either of these two zones, and you have health issues or trouble sleeping, try moving to a different location in your home for best rest.

Try adding Metal of white in the area with “3” Wood energy (South in 2019). This energy is contentious with arguing or worry often the result of spending too much time here.

There are also areas of quite good energy this year. One area is the “8” Earth energy that represents abundance. This year, the “8” is in the Center of the building. Just be sure not to face or turn your back on the NW, 15-degree sector mentioned above, the Tai Sui. The “1” Water energy (in the West) brings fame and fortune in 2019.  Add blue or black for more of this, and spend time here.

The energies mentioned above describe yearly influences. There are also energies that reside in every building based on the year it was built. For a full representation of the energies and enhancements or corrections to place for the year, have a Feng Shui report generated.

There are also excellent books that cover how to do your own analysis, especially books from Stephen Skinner, Joseph Yu and Joey Yap, and my teacher in London, Richard Ashworth.

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