Don’t Just Decorate! Make Home Improvements Count

This article was first written for, 9/27/2013.

What if you can’t make major physical renovations to your home right now? What else can you do to improve the energy flowing into and around your home?

How about considering a minor interior improvements that can increase overall quality of home life without breaking the budget or going against lease terms? Feng Shui recommends many interior enhancements that make a home feel and live better.

What Are These Enhancements?

There are easily implemented weekend projects that can make a positive difference in a home including reassigning the use of rooms, moving furniture around, painting walls, installing millwork, fixtures or finishes. Just think about how updated a home looks with a splash of color in the living room or a metal sculpture/object in the hallway. Each enhancement above actually has a specific Feng Shui purpose and placement.

How Can Feng Shui Help?

In the first blog we discussed the essence of Feng Shui. In summary, Feng Shui aligns living spaces to natural energy patterns to promote wealth, health, and peace of mind. 

It All Starts with a Feng Shui Evaluation of the Home…

What areas in your home don’t feel good…are places where no one chooses to spend time? For example, consider the bedroom. Your partner may get a good night’s sleep, but you don’t. Just because the bed is in a particular place doesn’t mean it’s the best place to sleep.

Where Are These Special Places?

Write down where qualities of peace and quiet already exist in your home. These would be places where you feel comfortable and cozy, where you could go to sleep easily, even if a bed is is not in this location.

Transfer the Qualities to a Feng Shui Abstraction of your Home…

Lay a Nine-Square Feng Shui Grid (Bagua) over your floor plan, and note where quiet, restful places for sleep already are located. Which areas pull you down? Where do you fight or bicker with your partner? Realize that many Nurturing qualities you seek at home already exist somewhere in the space.

Are the Qualities for a Nurturing Home Where You Spend Time?

It should be fairly easy to look at a Bagua and figure out where nurturing qualities are in your home. Which places feel good to you? Which activities that you enjoy doing seem to be in the wrong place? Consider matching your activities with the best place for them in your home. Or, better yet, have a professional Feng Shui consultation completed for you.

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