Feng Shui… Don’t Renovate Your Home Without It?

Article first published for www.renovisor.com, 9/27/13

So, you’ve decided to make major physical improvements to your home. How do you make certain the resulting energy (livability) is better, actually feels better, than before the renovation? This is where attention to Feng Shui qualities in a space brings about that finishing touch…a more harmonious home.

Types of Renovations Where Feng Shui Can Play an Important Role…

Major exterior improvements to a home could include new landscaping, roof, siding, windows or doors. Interior improvements could be upgrades to electrical and plumbing with a bathroom or kitchen remodel, building additions, or other major modifications to the flow of a living space. Without Feng Shui, renovations simply create a new space. Feng Shui breathes life back into that space.

What Is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is an over 2,000 year old practice that evaluates the influence of subtle natural forces on people in their environments. Feng Shui enhancements align living spaces to natural energy patterns for the purpose of promoting wealth, good health and peace of mind. Imagine how much better your life could be with a renovation that considered Feng Shui principles?

Think about this for a moment. Where in your home do you enjoy spending time? Where does your home tend to collect clutter, feel bad? Finding out through a Feng Shui reading where beneficial and detrimental spaces exist, allows you to implement a major renovation in a more harmonious manner. We all know of additions that have simply functioned as appendages, stuck onto a house, not really integrated into the flow and design of the existing house. Don’t let this happen to you in your next major renovation.

What Feng Shui Does…

When most people think about a major renovation, they really mean modifications to physical spaces in the house. Considering flow and usage patterns tends to be ignored.

Feng Shui asks questions such as, what are the existing energy patterns in the house that are life enhancing, make someone happy and healthy? And conversely, where are life-depleting energies located in a house? Then, through modifications to the house, how can beneficial energies be maximized and conversely, how can the slow, sluggish energies be relegated to storage and other unoccupied spaces? In the end don’t we all just want our houses to live better? Ahhh, harmony!

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