Bring in the Dragons

Bringing in the Dragons
by Nancy C. Canestaro, D.Arch.

Think about the Dragon for a momenta mythological creature…strong and auspicious, breathing fire (bringing life) into cold embers and eliminating stagnation in very interesting ways. In Feng Shui three different energies are represented by this powerful symbol.
– The Water Dragon is Abundance.
– The Mountain Dragon is Health, Harmony.
– The Annual Dragon brings good energy to a different area in your home each year.

Water and Mountain Dragons are found in the same location all the time, based on the compass orientation of your home and a mathematical Feng Shui formula. The Annual Dragon, moves to a new location each year.

Locate Water and Mountain Dragons
Look at your Bagua (nine-cell grid) representing the energies in your home. Each cell in the grid includes four numbers. The number on the upper left corner of a particular cell is the Mountain energy for each corresponding area of your home. The number on the upper right corner is the Water energy for each area of your home. Now, go look for an “8” in these cell locations. The “8” will only appear one time for the Water and one time for the Mountain Energy. You’ve now found two of the three Dragons.

Locate the Yearly Dragon
The Dragon you can use without a calculation represents for the yearly energy. Look for an “8” that appears only once in the lower left corner of a cell. In 2015 you’ll see that it’s located in the North sector of your home.

Bring in Water and Annual Dragons
For these two particular locations, hang bells, wind chimes, a gong, plant material with flowers and berries, or a bird feeder and bird bath.

Every day, go outside to these areas and engage with the active “8” energies…clean the bird bath, refresh the bird feeder, tap the wind chimes, and in any way you can think of play with the energies. Pay attention. Listen. You might also be inspired as to what else you could do in this area. Once you feel its presence, walk each Dragon back into your home to the area with corresponding “8” energy. Occasionally look out the window here and be thankful for all the good things coming your way.

Bring in the Mountain Dragon
This Dragon is quite shy and hard to “catch”.  The heavy “8” energy could slip from your grasp when you try to bring it inside.  In that case, it may just come in one its own.  For this particular outside location, give the dragon a large, smooth, square boulder to hang out around.  Looking out at the boulder, you can also summon the Dragon inside, but this ambivalent Dragon may or may not comply.

(Many thanks to Master Monica Hess for insights into Dragons)

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