2015 Feng Shui: The Year of the Sheep

2015 The Year of the Sheep: Don’t Get Fleeced
by Nancy C. Canestaro, D.Arch.

A great way to celebrate the New Year is typically with a resolution or two. How about making one of these resolutions to take best advantage of the energies (chi) flowing through your home or workplace? Now is the perfect time to do it since the annual energies shift every February.

Rearranging your furniture may not be enough. You might need to relocate some daily activities to another place in your home. Several energies are quite good this year. Spend as much time in these locations as possible. Other energies could be detrimental and should be remedied or avoided.

Beneficial energies move into the East, North and potentially the NW areas of your home in 2015. Disruptive energies are in a portion of the SW and the NE, as well as the entire SE and West portions.

Here’s how to find these compass-oriented areas. Divide the floor plan of your home into nine equal parts (eight peripheral spaces and the center area.) Refer to the diagram in the attached .PDF at the bottom of the article.

There’s good news on the energies around you this year. The North area offers abundant energy (“8” Earth). Fire it up with some red. The energy in the East (“1” Water) fosters fame and fortune for the year. Adding blue or black helps, and be sure to spend some time every day here.

Now, the bad news on the energies in 2015. Most of the SW (218-248 degrees) has good energy for future wealth. However, avoid digging, renovating or making noise outside in one particular SW direction (from 202-217 degrees).

Follow the same suggestions as listed above for an unfavorable area in the NE (22-37 degrees). If this is where a door comes into your home, avoid using it, but for goodness sake don’t slam it. When the “Cranky Old Emperor” gets aroused, you could have health-related problems. If you can’t avoid digging here, at least hang a six-tube hollow metal chimes between the excavation and the house.

Inside, avoid renovating or making noise in the two areas just discussed. Don’t face these directions while working or have the head of your bed here. The energy could be quite disruptive.

Next, add Fire or red in the center area of your house, with the “3” Wood energy. This energy could be contentious. You could argue or worry too much in this location.

Finally, it’s important to remedy the West sector with the yearly “5”, detrimental Earth energy, which brings a potential for obstacles and misfortune. Remedy with moving metal or the sound of a chiming clock.

The energies mentioned above only describe yearly influences. There are also energies that reside in every home based on the twenty-year period it was built and the orientation on the land. Only a complete Feng Shui analysis can address these permanent energy patterns.

With this information I wish you great health, harmony, and prosperity in 2015!

Download a PDF version of this article…2015 Remedies for the Year of the Sheep


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