Spring into Summer 2015

Spring into Summer
by Nancy C. Canestaro, D.Arch.

It’s About Time and Space…
Just as with migratory birds, life is better for us when we spend time where energetic conditions are the best. Where we found good energy in the Spring could shift by Summer. Here are some suggestions for finding the right spaces to nest in for the season.

Draw a nine-square grid over a floor plan of your home or office. Use a compass to determine the direction out from each of the eight sectors (N, NE, E, SE, SW, W, NW).

There are several general rules to avoid negative energy and bring better energy into your life this Summer:

The SW and NE sectors are not healthy places to spend time. Don’t even orient your desk or television seating to face SW or NE.

Don’t orient a bed on a SW-NE axis.

Keep the previous two sectors quiet.

Avoid digging or creating noise outside in the SW and NE areas of your home.

Avoid the West sector all year. There’s disruptive energy, called the “cranky old emperor” that could bring disaster or accidents into your life. Don’t run afoul of this energy.

General guidelines for places to spend time this Summer are described next. Occupy the (+) areas and avoid (–) ones for life affirming energy. Neutral areas (+-) could work for some but not others. For example, an area could be neutral or negative for children but more positive for adults. This means that energy patterns actually can be quite discriminating! Generally the East sector has positive energy. Try to adjust your pattern of living to take advantage of the energy in this location.

Qualities of Summer Energies
Sector Directions Jun 5 Jul 6 Aug7
North + + – + –
Northwest + – + – + –
West – – – – –
Southwest + – + – – –
South – +
Southeast – +
East + + + –
Northeast + – + – + –

Beginning June 5Determine the orientations in your home where you sleep, or spend more than a few hours a day. Sleep or spend time in the (+) areas, and avoid the (–) spaces. The East sector is fosters work and travel opportunities in June and July. The North sector in most buildings is supportive of activity in June. Don’t spend time in the West where the “cranky old emperor” is.

Beginning July 6The East sector is the place to hang out this month. The energy here is flirty and prosperous. Watch out for the possibility of cuts or bleeding. Spend time in the NW for art, writing, or romance. Illness is indicated in the West. Avoid sleeping here. .

Beginning August 7The NW sector encourages intellectual children and could fuel abundance with the help of a little extra red in the space. Spend time in the East. Avoid the West, where there is a possibility for food poisoning. Finally, there are indications for money loss in the SE, South, or SW sectors. August is a good month to stick to a budget.

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