Summer into Autumn 2015

Summer into Autumn Feng Shui 2015
by Nancy C. Canestaro, D.Arch.

As the weather shifts from the heat of Summer to the crispness of Fall, so do the energies inside our homes. We’re now spending more time indoors, where we should make the most of feng shui energies (chi).

To help you identify these shifting seasonal patterns, below are the best and worst energies for each month with suggested remedies or enhancements.

Energy from the land enters a home through windows, doors, and walls. Let’s take a more sophisticated view, than we have previously, to determine the flow of these energies.

Sketch your floor plan to scale on a piece of paper with the front door at the top of the drawing. Picture the energies entering your house as eight equal wedges pointing to the exact center of the house (just like a wheel of cheese cut into eight equal pieces). Each wedge has a 45-degree angle. Place the top wedge in the center of the exterior wall that includes your front door. The other seven will naturally fall into place once the first wedge is positioned.

Next, standing in the center of your home, use a compass to obtain the direction out from each wedge (N, NE, E, SE, SW, W, NW).You’ll see the directions listed in the table below.

Now you are ready to determine where the positive, negative, and neutral energies are in your home this fall.

-The SW and NE sectors are not healthy places for sleep or work this year. In these areas, if you’re having sleep or work problems, don’t orient the head of your bed, back of your desk chair, or tv seating in these directions. If this creates a space planning dilemma, then seek advice from a feng shui consultant.

-Keep the SW and NE sectors quiet.

-Avoid digging or creating noise outside in these two sectors.

-Avoid the West sector all year. There’s disruptive energy, called the “cranky old emperor” that could bring disaster or accidents. Don’t stir up this energy at all.

General guidelines for places to spend time this Autumn are described next. Occupy the (+) areas and avoid (–) ones for life affirming energy. Neutral areas (+-) could work for some but not others. For example, an area could be neutral or negative for children but more positive for adults. Energy patterns are actually quite discriminating! Generally East and North have positive energy until February 2016. Try to make the most of these areas for work, play, and sleep this Fall.

Instructions… Determine the sector orientations at home where you sleep, or spend more than a few hours a day. Sleep or spend time in (+) areas, and avoid (–) spaces.

Qualities of Autumn Energies
(factoring in year and month energies)
Sector Directions Sep Oct Nov
North + +- +
Northwest + + – + –
West + –
Southwest +
South + – + + –
Southeast + – – –
East +
Northeast + – +- +

Beginning September 8, 8:10 amThe North sector could produce monetary gain, and/or a potential for limb injuries. Creativity resides in the NW sector this year with monthly abundance. However, it’s a clash pairing that could result in injury to children. Energy in the West is negative Earth all year, and needs a mechanical clock remedy in the center of the house. Robbery is indicated in the SW and needs fire/red. South could be travel for work or pleasure. The SE sector has the two negative Earth energies this month. Add a calabash or golden gourd here and the sound of a mechanical clock. There is a potential for creativity in the East. The downside is a potential for men to “hit on women”. And finally, the NE indicates financial gain and challenging authority.

Beginning October 9, 00:09 amMonthly energies are neutral this month in seven sectors. Serious health or calamity energy is in the SE. Remedy SE with golden yellows and the sound of moving metal. South (and North) energies could escalate arguing. Add red or light candles in the North and SW. Use metal in the South. East boosts creativity, and NW fosters flirting. Add blue, black, or water here. West needs a rock salt tank cure for the good and bad earth. (See set up instructions on my website). Use pottery or earth in the NE to resolve a clashing energy combination.

Beginning November 8, 8:01 pm The energy fosters abundance in the North and NE, and creativity in the NW. Enhance with red in the North, NE, and water or blue in the NW. The West still has detrimental energy this month. Remedy with a mechanical clock in the center of the house. Use a calabash or gourd in the SW and SE to reduce a tendency to do stupid things. Earth, yellow, brown or stones correct negative energy in the South. Finally, use a little red in the East. And, have a great Fall!

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  1. JD

    I emailed this to friends who do not frequent fb all that much. I’ve already heard back from several. Mostly, they are distressed because they can’t rearrange furniture to comply with the + and -‘s you mention. Almost everyone who visits my home for the first time, comments on the wonderful energy here. I always mention that it received exceptionally fine feng shui treatment the very day I moved in, and adjustments since that time.

  2. Theresa Richardson

    Hi Nancy
    Wonderful article. I found it from your post on facebook!

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