Ten Feng Shui Tips for 2016

Feng Shui for 2016
by Nancy C. Canestaro, D.Arch.

Feng shui is a millennia-old Chinese practice of enhancing positive energies and diminishing negative energy flow in and around a home.

In Western society we think of our homes as a collection of rooms and objects. Feng shui is more concerned with the nature of spaces and the energy in them that we can use.

Below are ten feng shui tips for energizing your home in 2016…

1. What image from the street does the entrance into your home present to you and visitors? Can you improve on this? Perhaps plant flowers around the door or pathway here.

2. Energies can be blocked or channeled with mature landscaping material. Plant trees and flowers judiciously.

3. Keep the area at your front door clear, bright, and uncluttered. Typically it should present a welcoming impression to visitors.

4. Spend some time decluttering the entrance of your home all the way into your living area. You will feel better and so will your visitors.

5. What spaces in your home feel good? Which feel negative? Try to spend more time in the feel good places.

6. Work in areas that feel energetic. Sleep in areas that feel peaceful…not the other way around.

7. Where do you tend to argue, worry, spin your wheels, or get sick? Avoid these areas for any more than an hour or so a day. Don’t sleep or work here.

8. Don’t be swayed by this year’s “hottest” colors. Paint important rooms colors that support the function.

9. Rooms that collect clutter have negative energy. Don’t spend time there.

10. Basically, trust your senses. And act on what they are telling you.

Very specifically, if you’re used to a directional analysis of feng shui energies, each energy and how to work with the energies in 2016, below is specific information to use.

Beginning February 2016, abundant energy is in the Southwest/8 and Southeast/1 sectors of all houses. Determine where this is in your home and arrange to spend as much time as possible in these sectors. The SW is a great place to make money. Work or plan new projects for the year in this location. The SE is an area to help build your reputation.

Harder Earth energy is in the Northeast/5 and Center, (tai chi)/2 areas of your home. Avoid. these areas.

The West could be a good place to study, sleep, or for romance. There are options here.

Place a bird bath or feeder outside the SW area of your home. Birds flying in bring abundant energy your way.

Try to avoid the NE area of your home or workplace. It could be hard to get things done here. In particular, don’t use doors into your home in this direction.

If you’re not sleeping well (long enough or soundly), consider sleeping somewhere else until early February, 2016 when the Chinese New Year begins.

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