2016 Feng Shui Energies and Remedies

2016 Feng Shui Energies and Remedies
by Nancy C. Canestaro, D.Arch.

Feng shui remedies are determined by a formula that calculates energy patterns. These energies are specific to a particular building, built in a particular period of time. The numbers are recorded in each of nine sectors of a 3×3 grid, called a Bagua. Then a floor plan is superimposed over this grid. The front door is located somewhere along the top row of the Bagua. The energy patterns are repeated on all floors.

If you assumed that energy was circulating only inside a particular sector, then a remedy anywhere there should work. If nature is sending energies through the exterior walls toward the center of the building, then we should be able to intercept these energies with targeted remedies.

Where and Why…
In classical feng shui, where remedies are placed in a home is important. Think of them as a doctor would when prescribing remedies for a patient. Medicine is targeted to particular areas in the body to encourage healing.

Similarly, feng shui remedies are targeted for specific energy patterns in each area of a building. Some energies offer grounding, support, and an environment for good things to happen. On the other hand, there are negative energy patterns that need to be moderated. In either case, remedies are intended to beneficially alter energy, called Qi.

Using the Najia for Placement….
We can use the sectors in the Bagua to create a wheel of energy patterns, called Najia. Think of a wheel with eight spokes, each having a specific compass orientation. The wedges between these spokes are equally positioned around the wheel. The energies are the same in the wedges as the sector of the Bagua it overlays. Use these wedge shaped areas inside the footprint of your house to determine the best placement for remedies

2016 Feng Shui To Do List…
If you want to use this wheel and wedge approach for improving health, harmony, and prosperity in your home, consider implementing the following recommendations.

Start by drawing a simple floor plan sketch of your home. Take a compass reading from the center of the house to determine the direction your front door is facing. Now align North on the plastic template with compass North on your floor plan to delineate the eight energy sectors.

Abundant energy comes from the Southwest and Southeast directions. Spend time here in 2016. An important caveat…part of SW (232-237-degrees) includes the Tai Sui, a tricky place this year. Some feng shui masters suggest not using the SW area this year at all. However, you can do quiet activities. Just don’t face SW. Don’t dig outside or renovate inside here either. The SE brings fame and fortune this year…so it’s a good place to work. A bird bath or feeder outside the SW area could also fly abundance in.

Northeast and Center– Harder Earth energy is in the NE and Center areas of your home. If possible, avoid these locations and keep them quiet. If you’re working here, and you’re not getting much done or feel punk, work elsewhere (SW? SE?). In particular, don’t use NE outside doors or work there. Don’t renovate the area, or make noise. Double trouble is here.

West and EastWest could be a good place to study, sleep, or for romance. East has Fire energy. Fire amplifies the positive and negative, so if the inherent energy is good, you get more of it, and vise versa. North and South are neutral.

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    So I had to drag out my Feng Shui design from my class with you several years ago and see what 2016 was going to look like for energy in my home… Very interesting!

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