Feng Shui for Spring 2016

Feng Shui for Spring 2016
by Nancy C. Canestaro, D.Arch.

When you think about it, Spring isn’t just a fixed date. For the Chinese it’s more a seasonal range of time and weather patterns. For them it gently creeps in halfway between the winter solstice and the spring equinox. It reaches its peak in April, then gives way to summer in June. This places the beginning of Spring around February 4th each year and the end in late April.

To determine the energy in your home this Spring and how to work with it, visualize how energy from the land might move through the exterior walls into your home. Picture these energy flows coming into your home from eight distinct directions, converging in the center (TaiJi) like wedges of a pie.

To track this movement of Qi energy, use a scaled floor plan of your home, with the exterior wall containing the front door at the top of the page.

Standing in the center of your home with a compass, determine the degree orientation of the centerline of the exterior wall that includes the front door.

You need to be spot on with this measurement to obtain the exact degree orientation for each wedge (N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, W, NW).

Special Caveats – The following suggestions take into account only the yearly and monthly energies that are in every house in 2016.

• It’s best to avoid spending time in the Center of the house (sickness) and the NE sector (potential calamities).

• Don’t make noise or carry out renovations in the NE or SW.

• Don’t face the SW (sitting, eating, sleeping, working).

Each building has a unique energy signature calling for daily activities and yearly remedy placement.

The chart below offers general guidelines for where to spend time this Spring.

Sleep and spend time in positive (+) areas, and avoid the negative (-) ones. Neutral areas (+-) might work for some people but not others.

For example, an area that’s neutral or negative for children might be positive for adults. Energy patterns are actually quite discriminating!

Qualities of Spring Energies
(factoring in the yearly and monthly energies,  not house’s specific energy)
Sector Mar 5 Apr 4 May 5
Center  –
North +-  – +-
Northwest +-
West +- +- +
Southwest (Tai Sui) +- +- +-
South       (San Sha) +- +- +-
Southeast + ++ +
East + +- +-
Northeast (Sui Po) – – – – –

     += beneficial; = detrimental; +-=neutral energy

Beginning March 5, 2016 – The center of all buildings this year has ill health earth energy. Remedy with 6-coins on a red cord and metal (a mechanically driven clock or chimes).

The North has two metal energies called “dueling swords” (metal injuries, arguing). Remedy with water/wavy blue, black.

The NW sector has argumentative energy this month. Add metal or white here.

The West has mixed energy, with disruptive behavior, creativity or a potential for romance.
This year the SW houses the Tai Sui, needing special caution. Earth/8 is also here, so it could be quite abundant. As already stated, no loud noise, renovations, and avoid facing SW (sitting, working, etc.) from anywhere in the house.

The South has too much metal energy. Add water or use wavy blue or black objects here.

The nature of the energy in the SE is career assistance. Use green, such as green plants here.

The East is festive and has abundance for the month. Add red, use candles with care. Great place to have a party.

Avoid the NE this year if possible. The Sui Po is here…a very difficult Earth energy. No noise or renovations inside or outside of this sector.

Beginning April 4, 2016 – This month the general tendency is for illogical behavior. Think before you act. Ill health persists here.

In the North there’s a tendency for food-related illnesses. Be careful if you eat here. Add metal.

The NW and West could bring in abdominal issues (W), issues with the mother or unruly behavior (W and NW). Don’t get upset. Add a little metal to this area.

SW sector is the Tai Sui, but this area also offers opportunities for abundance. Spend time here quietly, however, don’t face the SW direction.

South has creativity, recognition, but a potential for accidents. So, add still water, wavy blue.

SE has opportunities for money this month. Add red and spend time here.

The East brings out arguing and a potential for fire. Correct with Earth, yellow/brown.

NE again is quite contentious. This area should have the sound of moving metal.

Beginning May 5, 2016 – The central tendency is wealth, as well as minor illness.

In the North there’s a possibility of mistakes with documents. Add water or blue.

The NW could foster loss or robbery. So, add some red.

The West offers creativity, writing, art, romance. Spend time here. It’s got great energy.

SW has the same issues as mentioned for April.

South has recognition, but potential for leg issues. Keep the still water, wavy blue here.

SE has opportunities for travel, flirtation, financial gain. Also knife injury. Add blue.

The East includes recognition, wealth, fire potential. Use Earth, yellow/brown here.

Again, the NE is harsh. Use the same remedies.

An Aside about Remedies…
You may notice that feng shui remedies often engage one or more of our senses. For example, a pendulum clock, which is a strong metal remedy, helps move sluggish, sickly earth energy in a space, with the movement and sound of the metal. A fish tank, vase of blue flowers, or art of wavy blue-black lines puts an actual or virtual water remedy in a space. Bamboo is used for a growing, expanding wood remedy. And, I’ll bet I don’t have to explain the mesmerizing properties that come from watching wood burning in a fireplace or the flickering candle flame of a fire remedy.

In my opinion, it is well worth the time it takes to determine remedies and enhancements for each area of your home monthly. The resulting boost to your health, relationships, and prosperity should be evident.

Download a PDF version of this article…Feng Shui for Spring 2016

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