Fall Feng Shui 2016…Winding Down

Fall Feng Shui 2016…Winding Down
by Nancy C. Canestaro, D.Arch.

What an exceptional Fall we’re having. Many of us feel a sense of ambiguity, from the election cycle here in the U.S. to the discovery of new astronomical bodies. Some believe we’re in a time of change, which is exactly what Fall represents.

It’s the time of year to think about winding down. Metaphorically, the Harvest (big summer projects) should be successfully completed by now. What seeds did you plant earlier in the year that have been growing… launching a new business, fostering new relationships, transitioning into a new phase of your life, or maybe preparing for a big trip?

Fall is the time to reap the benefits and take stock of your successes and failures so far this year. Feng Shui remedies that you may have installed to foster health, harmony, and prosperity earlier in the year may now need to be reassessed and rearranged.

Review of Feng Shui Analysis Process

For those of you who have been reading my previous quarterly articles, the following information will sound familiar, and you’re welcome to skip this section. If you’re a new reader, here is how you do a feng shui analysis.

To determine the energy in your home that supports you for Autumn, and how to work with it using remedies, visualize how energy from the land might move through the doors and windows from the outside into your home. Picture these energy flows coming from eight distinct directions, and converging in the center of your home like wedges of a pie.

To track Qi (energy flow), use a scaled floor plan of your home, with the exterior wall containing the front door at the top of the page. First, standing in the center of your home with a compass, determine the degree orientation of the centerline of the exterior wall that includes the front door.

You need to be spot on with this measurement to obtain the exact degree orientation for each wedge (N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, W, NW). The rest of this article references these distinct orientations.

Review of This Year’s Critical Energies

As discussed in the previous two quarterly articles, the center of all buildings this year has ill health Earth energy. Remedy with 6-coins on a red cord and metal (a mechanically driven clock or chimes). One group I study with also places a calabash in areas with this energy.

Here are a few additional suggestions for avoiding areas of detrimental energy that exist this year in everyone’s home.

  • Avoid spending time in the Center of the house this year (sickness energy) and the NE sector (potential calamities). You’ll be able to use these areas again next year.
  • Also, in general, don’t make noise or carry out renovations in the NE or SW sectors.
  • Don’t face the SW (while sitting, eating, sleeping, or working).

Special Caveat – This article addresses annual and monthly energies that are in every house in 2016. It’s best to have a Feng Shui report for the basic energies that reside in your home all the time, in addition to those energies that shift periodically, discussed in this article.

Monthly Energies for the Fall – Each building also has a unique energy signature calling for daily activities and monthly remedy placement. The chart that follows offers general guidelines for where to spend time this Fall.
Sleep and spend time in positive (+) areas, and avoid the negative (-) ones. Neutral areas (+-) might work for some people but not others.

For example, an area that’s neutral or negative for children might be positive for adults. Energy patterns are actually quite discriminating!

Qualities of Autumn Energies
(factoring in yearly and monthly energies,
not energy for a specific building)
Sector Oct 8 Nov 7 Dec 7
Center    –   – – –    –
North   +    –    –
Northwest   + –    –    –
West   – +   + –   + –
Southwest(Tai Sui)   +   ++   +
South     (San Sha)   – +   – +    –
Southeast   – +   + +   + –
East   + –   +   + +
Northeast  (Sui Po)    –   – – –   –

+ = beneficial;  –  = detrimental;  + – =neutral energy

Beginning October 8, 2016

Energy in the North is sexy. If you want to enhance it, add red in this area of the house.

The NW sector has argumentative energy this month. Add metal or white in this area.

The West has mixed energy, with disruptive behavior, mixed with creativity, education or a potential for romance. Make sure the sound of metal is here to mitigate disruptions. A Solar Powered Chimes would do the trick here.

This year the SW sector houses the Tai Sui, needing special caution. Earth/8 is also here, so it could bring quite abundant energy, and also could be quite festive. As already stated, there should be no loud noise, renovations. Avoid facing SW  sitting, working) from anywhere in the house.

The South has energy that is highly combative with too much Metal. Add Water, blue or black to lessen the effect.

The nature of the energy in the SE could bring marital spats or overly combative feminine energy, the proverbial “harpy”. Place Metal here to help avoid arguments.

The East is good for career advancement and money. Add a living green plant (Wood) to enhance.

Avoid the NE this year if possible. The Sui Po is here…a very difficult energy. No noise or renovations inside or digging outside this sector.

Beginning November 7, 2016 – Watch carefully this month as yearly and monthly energies are doubled up in each sector. So, this means double trouble in some areas and ease in others. Pay particular attention this month for where you spend time and sectors to avoid.

In the center of the house this month there is ill health (particularly for women). Remedy with 6-coins on a red cord and metal (a mechanically driven clock or chimes). Keep the calabash hanging here.

In the North the energy is “clashy, argumentative”, and could include knife injury or surgery. Add Water, blue, or black. Avoid this area for heavy discussions.

The NW is ripe for arguing, even robbery. Use Water, blue, or black to draw off some of the contentiousness of the energy here.
In the West there is a doubling up of creativity, knowledge, art, or romance. Be careful here as romance in particular could “go too far”. I wouldn’t suggest adding to it. Just enjoy it.

SW sector is the Tai Sui, but this area also offers opportunities for abundance. Spend time here quietly, however, don’t face the SW direction. Fire, such as a lit candle brings more of this energy.

South could include arguing or lawsuits that can be reduced with Water, blue, or black. Take heavy discussions somewhere else.

SE has opportunities for abundance this month. However, it could be alcoholism if one is inclined this way. If obsessive, remedy with Metal to neutralize this tendency.

The East is double Fire, so it could bring excesses that are hard to control. If Fire isn’t a problem for your energy type, then this area could be a happy place for you. Dampen, if necessary, with a bit of Earth, ceramics, yellow, tan or brown.

NE is quite contentious all year…the “cranky ole’ emperor” is in double play here. This area should have the sound of moving metal. I recommend avoiding the area altogether.

Beginning December 6, 2016 – The center of the house could be difficult for a married couple this month, such as encouraging a potential break up. It could also bring on the potential for a car accident. Metal is still important as a remedy for the center sector, along with the calabash. I believe it also helps all year long to have a moving metal remedy. Be careful here again this month.

Arguing is a potential in the North or injury with a metal object. Remedy with Water, blue, or black.

The NW combination also suggests arguing and a potential for accidents. Metal is the remedy here.

The West could bring on disruptive behavior, but also offers the potential for creativity, if channeled properly. If behavior is a problem, add a little Fire, red to cool down this tendency.

SW brings a potential for romance, sexy times, and also abundance. It’s worth working with. Add a little Fire, red to enhance. Light a candle for romance.

South has that disruptive “grumpy ole’ emperor” energy. I typically reduce the potential for negative energy between people with Metal in this area. I have buckets of pennies that I move around the different sectors monthly to draw up the negative Earth energy.

SE has an interesting mixed nature to it…It’s good for a career, but could exacerbate eye problems. I like to try to work with the positive quality by using Wood, as in a potted green plant, in the area.

The East has healthy, festive energy. Add some Fire, red in the area, and spend time here. You’ll enjoy it.

Again, the NE is always harsh, as discussed previously. Dampen the effect of this “grumpy ole’ emperor” energy with the sound of moving metal.

An Aside About Remedies…

You may notice that feng shui remedies often engage one or more of our senses. For example, potted bamboo or other house plants can be used for a growing, Wood remedy. I’ll bet I don’t have to explain the mesmerizing properties that come from watching wood burning in a fireplace or the flickering candle flame of a Fire remedy. An Earth remedy could be as simple as a basket of stones that you collect during your nature walks. A Metal remedy, helps move sluggish, energy in a space, with the movement and sound of the metal. A fish tank, vase of blue flowers, or art of wavy blue-black lines puts an actual or virtual Water remedy in a space.

Fall! What an interesting word. Time to slow down, right? Well, this year I’ve been so focused on getting ready to see China, and experience the land of the birth of feng shui for the first time, that I got a little ahead of myself.

My husband and I decided to walk a few miles every day, in preparation for walking the Great Wall of China. Got a little ahead of myself (as I said), so I am now the proud owner of a fractured foot and a gorgeous sky blue boot to stabilize it.

When I told our tour leader, Jodi Brunner, about it, she said, “Don’t worry. You’ll walk the wall if we have to throw you on a slave cart to get you there.”

I want to share this experience with readers of this website. So, I am going to keep a journal about the trip that will include photographs that my husband takes.

So, when I get back, I’ll post this as the next entry on this website, under the title, “Gimpy and Grumpy’s Excellent China Adventure”. My grumpy hubby is looking forward to the Terracotta Warriors, and I can’t wait to study with other Feng Shui practitioners from around the world.

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