2017 Space Clearing Ritual for the New Year

Space Clearing Ritual for 2017 New Year
by Nancy C. Canestaro, D.Arch.

A great way to start the new year is to “clear” out difficult energy (negative thoughts, fears, memories of hard times from the past year) and replace them with positive thoughts about the coming year, beginning February 3rd. You will heal not only your home but your heart as well.

We are surrounded by energy that we and others create. So, when we focus negative attention (energy) on the state of the world or in our own lives, we perpetuate a downward spiral that could remain in our lives. Since everything that surrounds us is energy, even what we think can change our environment for good or bad.

We can change this downward spiral in more positive, purposeful ways. Doing this can make a profound difference in the way you feel and in your overall health.

This also gives you the opportunity to reflect on what has happened to you in the previous year, and look forward to a healthy, harmonious 2017.

Be positive. If you are doing a clearing ritual feeling anger or fear, you could be merely changing one kind of negative energy for another. You won’t gain anything from the process.

Negative energy is not bad. It just doesn’t support you in a healthy way. Consider clearing when…

  • Beginning the new year (February in 2017);
  • Moving from one home to another;
  • Feeling negativity around you or loved ones;
  • Going through a period of hard times;
  • Having a difficult illness, accident; or when,
  • The atmosphere in your home feels heavy, dark, sluggish, or just plain yucky around you or others you love.

For one way to “clear” a space of difficult energy and replace with positive, consider following the steps below at the time the new year, February 3.

  1. Wash your hands and face, and drink water to hydrate. Take off your shoes and feel the connection you make to the floor and down into the earth. Really “sense” the ground here.
  2. Open all windows and doors to get the energy moving into and through your home. Start with the top floor and move down from there.
  3. First offer a prayer for protection.
    [One I like is the Unity Prayer, “May the Light of God Surround Me. May the Love of God Enfold Me. May the Power of God Protect Me. May the Presence of God Watch Over Me. Wherever I am, God Is, All Is in Divine Order.]
  4. Begin at the back of the house on the top level, moving toward the front. Light a sage bundle or prepare the sage essential oil spray. Begin by walking from the back of each room to the front covering as much of the space as you can. Waft the smoke or spray the oil into the corners of each room from the ceiling to the floor. Do this in every room as you move from the back of the house to the front.
  5. Think positive thoughts as you move through the spaces. At the front, go all the way outside, and move the smoke or spray around the door and frame leading into your home. Open the door so energies are free-flowing from inside to out.
  6. Sounds also can improve energy. Ring a bell, sing a joyful song, or use a Tibetan Bowl to remove stagnant energy that may have collected near furniture, under beds, in closets or attics.
  7. After clearing stagnant energy with Sage [bundle or oil], repeat the process using Frankincense or an oil such as Young Living’s, Joy, to create an uplifting, positive feeling in your home.

Adapted from, http://www.uniquefengshui.com/cleansing-ritual/ [This company offers a variety of products relating to Feng Shui and Space Clearing. I also like to use Dragon’s Blood Incense after a clearing to charge up the space. and Young Living Essential Oils, such as, Joy, for this process.]

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