2018 – Feng Shui for the New Year

Feng Shui for the Year of the Earth Dog
by Nancy C. Canestaro, D.Arch.

The beginning of the Chinese New Year is marked by the second new moon after the Winter Solstice. It’s not the rigid January 1 date we celebrate in the West. This year, February 4 begins the Chinese New Year.

By this date, energy will have shifted in our homes and places of work to 2018 patterns. Consider relocating some daily activities in your home to take advantage of the beneficial energy, and avoid or remedy areas that now contain detrimental or stagnant energy.

Here’s how to find these compass-oriented areas. Divide the floor plan of your home into nine equal parts (eight peripheral spaces and the center area.) Refer to the diagram below.

Spend time in the (+) locations if possible. Negative energies (-) could be detrimental and should be remedied or avoided.

2018 Feng Shui Energy Map
Front Side of House

          SE (+)                      SUI PO Abundant
energy, bringing
Fame, & $.
Don’t face NW,
renovate, make noise
here. Add Fire, red.
        South (+)
Creative, Scholarly,
Artsy, Affairs, Men
attracted to women.
Romance Add
Water, blue or
Good for Career,
Expert, Authority,
Respect. Add
Water, blue, black.
6 combined with 6
or 7 is too much.
         East (+-)
Flirting, Cutting
energy. Add wavy
blue/black or Water
black to reduce.
A Fire Year could
bring big changes.
Fire flares up until
it’s used up,
becomes quiet.
           West (-)
Add Metal or Sound
of Chiming Clock
for Sickness.
Harder on Women
than Men.
          NE (+ -)
Arguing, Bad Luck,
Potential Robbery.  Reduce with Fire or
red. Combined with
5 is especially hard.
         North (–)
6-tube metal chime
or ticking clock for
Avoid area.
          NW (+1)
TAI SUI. Don’t face   NW, dig, or renovate
the area. Use, blue
or black, wavy for $,

Back of House

Beneficial energies move into the SE, NW, South, and Center this year. More disruptive energies are in the North, West and NE. Especially, be quiet, avoid renovations and avoid digging in the NW (Tai Sui) and SE (Sui Po energy).

There’s also good news on energies this year. The SE area offers abundant energy (“8” Earth) fostering fame and fortune. Fire it up with some red. But, keep it quiet. NW (“1” Water) is fame and fortune.

The Center has Fire energy in 2018, maybe this is a place to initiate a project. Fire adds to what it is with. Take advantage of the South, with creativity (“4” Wood) indicated.

Now, for energies to remedy, add Fire or red in the East and NE to reduce arguing.

Add some Metal or the sound of ticking from a clock to the West and North sectors, where heavy, sickly Earth energies reside.

When the Cranky Old Emperor (“2” Earth) in the North is aroused, you could have health-related problems. Remedy with moving metal, the sound of a chiming clock.

Metal energies move into the SW and East this year. You might find the East, in particular, an easy place to escalate into an argument. Better places for “discussions” could be SE, South, or NW areas of the house. Don’t argue loudly in the SE, Sui Po.

The energies mentioned above only describe yearly influences. There are underlying energies that reside in every home based on the twenty-year period in which your home was built and its orientation on the land. Only a complete Feng Shui analysis can address these enduring energy patterns.

Download the PDF version of this article with pictures…2018 – Feng Shui for the New Year

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