2019 Feng Shui for the Year of the Yin Earth Pig

Feng Shui for the Year of the Yin Earth Pig
by Nancy C. Canestaro, D.Arch.

The beginning of the Chinese New Year is marked by the second new moon after the Winter Solstice. February 5 is when 2019 New Year energies commence.

At this time, energies also shift in our homes and places of work to 2019 patterns. Consider relocating daily activities in your home to take advantage of upcoming beneficial energies, and avoid or remedy areas that contain detrimental or stagnant energy.

Here’s how to find these compass-oriented areas. Divide the floor plan of your home into a nine square grid (eight peripheral spaces and center Tai Chi area.) Refer to diagram below.

Spend time in the (+) locations if possible. Negative energies (-) could be detrimental and are best to be remedied or avoided. (+-) and
(-+) are basically neutral energy patterns, that can be used with appropriate remedies.

2019 Feng Shui Energy Map


SE (+-)
Flirting, Critical. (No noise. Don’t Face NW, or Renovate.
Wavy blue/black)
South (-).
Arguing, Potential Robbery. (Reduce with Fire, Red or Metal. With 5, use Metal. for Liver, Leg Injury.)
Sickness, Casualty, Lawsuits.. Most Detrimental Energy.
(Reduce with Metal, as in Chiming Clock or Chimes)
East (+)
Good for Career, Competition, Flirting. (Earth adds to this. Wavy Blue, Black reduces.)
Center (++)
Energy of Abundance. Central tendency is Fame, Fortune. (Fire/Red, Flame Enhances)
Fame and Fortune. (Use Blue, Black in a Wavy Pattern, or bowl of Fresh Water changed daily for $)
NE (-)
Combined with 5, is especially hard. (Reduce negativity by Metal, Chiming Clock if 2/5 is here.)
North (+-)
(Add to Creativity with Wavy Blue or Black pattern. With 3 or 2, Remedy with a little Metal/White)
NW (+-)
(Don’t face NW, dig, or renovate the area.) 9/Fire enhances other energies.) 9-FIRE

Beneficial energies move into the Center, NW, and East this year. More disruptive energies are in the South, SW and NE. Especially, be quiet and avoid renovations in the NW (Tai Sui energy) and SE (Sui Po).

There’s good news on the energies this year. Abundant energy (“8” Earth) fostering fame and fortune is the central tendency. Fire it up with some red. Use the space, if possible. Walk this energy through other areas in the building. The Center has abundant Earth energy this year. This might be a good place to get a project going. Fire, a lit candle, enhances the energy. Spend time here. Another good area to take advantage of for projects is in the North.

For other negative energies to remedy, add wavy blue or black materials in the SE and East to reduce arguing or worry.

Add some Metal or the sound of a ticking clock to the NE and SW sectors, where heavy, sickly Earth energies reside.

When the “Cranky Old Emperor” (5 energy) in the SW is aroused, you could have health-related problems. Remedy with moving metal, such as the sound of a chiming clock nearby.

Metal energies move into the SW and East sectors this year. You might find the East area, in particular, a place where arguments escalate. Better places for “discussions” could be in the West, North, or Center of the house. Don’t argue in the SE.

There are underlying energies that reside in every home based on the twenty-year time period in which a home was built and its orientation on the land. Only a complete Feng Shui analysis can address and offer remedies for these enduring energy patterns.

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