Hello. I have a west facing bathroom and it is also the first thing I see when entering my home. What colours would you suggest for me to add in here? – Natacha

Hi Natacha,

You’ve asked an interesting question and different versions of Feng Shui have different things to say about the issue of a bathroom at the entrance to a home.”

First, early in my Feng Shui career, I read that you could hang a Bagua (eight-sided) mirror on the back of the bathroom door to reflect the unhealthy Qi back outside. I strongly discourage doing this. A Bagua mirror is a very potent remedy to be used outside a building to deflect detrimental energy away from the home. Used inside it could actually shoot harmful energy to the door and people who enter the home. Unfortunately, I have personal experience with this. When my husband and I first moved into our current home twenty years ago, we shared an office space. His energy was so powerful that I had difficulty concentrating, so I hung a Bagua mirror on the edge of a cabinet to send his energy back to him, and give me a little “space.” Several months later someone dowsed the energy of our home (not strictly a Feng Shui technique), and said there was something in the office that was affecting my husband negatively. I knew immediately what it was. So, I removed the mirror and moved where I work to a different space to solve the problem. All’s well on the home front now.

So, what could you do? My best suggestion, not knowing the Flying Stars combination in this sector of your home (to be able to give you a color suggestion,) would be to always keep the door closed. Use other bathrooms as much as possible. Don’t in any way draw attention to the bathroom door or bathroom wall from the entry hall side. Don’t use a paint color that is different from woodwork or wall colors in the area. You just want the room to be neutral in as many different ways as you can think of. If you get this right, the room should just ‘fade away into the woodwork,’ so to speak. To recap, no colors that stand out. Keep it neutral. Keep it simple.

– Nancy

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