Feng Shui by Formula or Bells and Smells

In Feng Shui there are two different types of remedies that go along with the two main methods of practice. I call these Bells and Smells or Five Elements. Who cares how it works? It just does, both ways!

Bells and Smells Intuitives

use personal energy and client feedback to feel (intuit) good and bad energies in and around someone’s home. Remedies could include decluttering or space clearing and strategically placing “charged” objects to clear obstacles for good things to happen. Intuitives use a modified Bagua (nine-square grid) placed over a floor plan of a house to rev up energy that supports clients’ Life Aspirations. These could be about Career, Knowledge, Family, Wealth, Fame, Relationships, and Children or Creativity. Intuitives believe the rigid calculations and remedy placements carried out by Classicists are, just that, too rigid to produce immediate improvements in people’s lives.

Formula Driven Classicists

use precise compass readings and mathematical formulas laid onto a Bagua to determine what is happening in people’s lives at any given time. This Feng Shui approach is called Flying Stars.  Remedies consist of placing one of Five Elements (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, or Water) in each sector of the Bagua inside and out. Examples of Five Element remedies might be Metal/gold in an area where there are constant arguments or where there has been sickness. Fire/red could add to energy that increases wealth. All this you would know from the initial compass orientation of the house and subsequent calculations. A second classical approach (Eight Mansions) works on the best or worst locations for personal activities, such as sleeping, working, making love/being happy, being creative, etc.

My Take On It

Who cares how it works! The point is that Feng Shui works either way. Smart Intuitives will learn Flying Stars and smart Classicists will incorporate Smells and Bells into their practice. The first works in part because you believe it does. You also have a lingering reminder of a lovely fragrance or sound that breaks up heavy energy. What’s nice about Classical style remedies is that they work whether you believe in them or not, based on physics principles (Water moves, Metal sings/breaks up an argument or stuck energy.)

I consider myself a Classical Purist, but I’m not above using my singing bowl after an argument or dowsing around the power entry into a home to deflect detrimental energy. My clients receive relief both ways and can live fuller, happier lives.

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