Focus on Feng Shui Remedies

Where and Why…

In Classical Feng Shui, where remedies are placed in a home is important. Think of them as a doctor would when prescribing remedies for a patient. Medicine is targeted to particular areas in the body to encourage healing.

Similarly, Feng Shui remedies are targeted for specific energy patterns in each area of a home or workplace. Some energy patterns offer grounding, support, and an environment for good things to happen. On the other hand there are negative energy patterns that need to be moderated. In either case remedies are intended to beneficially alter energy, called Qi.

Using the Bagua for Placement…

Feng Shui remedies are determined by a formula that calculates energy patterns. These energies are specific to a particular building built in a particular period of time. The numbers are recorded in each of nine sectors of a grid, called a Bagua. A floor plan is superimposed over this grid. The front door typically is located in the center sector along the top row of the Bagua. You can assume the energy patterns are the same from the ground level to the upper floors.

If you were to assume that energy was circulating only inside a particular sector, then a remedy anywhere in that sector should work. But, if nature is sending beneficial and detrimental energy through the exterior walls toward the center of the building, then we should be able to intercept these energies with a much more specific remedy placement.

Using the Najia for Placement…

Master Joseph Yu(1) refers to the Cerulean Satchel Classic by Qing Nang Jing, who wrote, “Qi comes from eight directions.” To follow the path of Qi, it’s the energy coming from the different directions on the land that is important to track inside a home, not just the abstract Nine-Square Grid (Bagua) numbers.

We can use the sectors in the Bagua to create a wheel of energy patterns, called Najia. Think of a wheel with eight spokes. These spokes are equally positioned around the wheel. The energies will be the same in the spoke as the sector of the Bagua it overlays. Look to the areas covered by the spokes, inside the footprint of the house as the best placement for remedies.

This way of looking at how Qi can be used in a home is probably closer to the way we live and enjoy life than what is represented in the underlying Bagua. Qi comes into a house, but we need to channel it, direct it, enhance it to our best advantage. Well-placed remedies help us re-channel, re-direct and best utilize Qi in our homes and workspaces.

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