Spring into Summer 2014

Spring is a time of rebirth. And then Summer follows through with lush abundance. How about fine-tuning your home to Summer?

Just as the weather forecaster can predict the possibility of storms or clear skies, Feng Shui can pinpoint energetic shifts in different areas of your home for specific periods of time.

To help you identify these shifting energy patterns for the summer, below are some of the best and worst energies for June, July and August, along with suggested remedies and enhancements.

To begin the process, draw a nine-square grid over a floor plan of your home and note the compass orientation of each sector (North, South, East, West, and SE, NE, NW, SW).

Here’s a general rule for the summer. Don’t trigger calamities or health issues by disturbing the soil or renovating the structure (inside or out) in due-North or due-South.

Below are specific recommendations for places to spend time in or avoid this summer.

Sector Directions June July Aug
North +- ++ +-
West +- +-
Southwest ++ ++ ++
South ++ ++ ++
Northeast +- +-

+’s are beneficial energies; -‘s are detrimental

Beginning June 6…To put this concept in perspective, you might start a new business or project in the South sector of your home or heal from an illness or surgery there. Fame and fortune await someone in the SW sector. You might gain power in the West sector, but there’s also a potential for arguing. You wouldn’t expect two disgruntled siblings to get along here. There’s a potential for bad health in the NW. Actually, avoid spending time in the NW sector of your home this year.

Beginning July 7…The South sector is financially viable and also brings sexy energy. There is also financial gain and a boost to someone’s career through working in the SW. This month the North could bring good times. When I have clients who are trying to have a baby, I look for the energy that’s in this area. It’s argumentative in the SE, and arguing is also in the East. Don’t plagiarize your term paper in the NW sector, you could get caught. And you might be plagued with headaches in the West sector.

From August 7 – September 7…Once again the two really good sectors are in the SW and South. The South is good for a bedroom and the SW works for health and wealth. This would be a great office. Areas to avoid for the month are the argumentative SE, the East for a married couple, and NW for financial reasons.

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