Fall into Winter 2014

Fall into Winter 2014
by Nancy C. Canestaro, D.Arch.

Can’t you just smell it… the falling leaves and that ever-so-slight crispness in the air that signals the coming of Autumn. It’s time to mirror these changes inside your home.

Life just seems to flow better when we follow the signs from Nature. This is, in essence, Feng Shui, “doing the right thing, at the right time, in the right place” from Richard Ashworth.

To help you identify these shifting Fall energy patterns, below are some of the best and worst energies for the end of the year, and suggested remedies or enhancements for each.

To begin the process, draw a nine-square grid over a floor plan of your home and note the compass orientation for each sector (North, South, East, West, and SE, NE, NW, SW).

Here’s a general rule for the rest of the year. Don’t trigger calamities or health issues by disturbing the soil outside or renovating the structure in the due-North or due-South.

Here are some recommendations for places to spend time at home or remedy this Autumn.

Sector Directions

                     Oct    Nov    Dec
North            –            +          –
Northwest    –            –          +-
West             +-         +-         +-
Southwest    +-         – –        +-
South            ++        ++       +-
Southeast     +          +-         +
East               +-        +-         – –
Northeast     +-        +-         +-

 +’s are beneficial energies;  -‘s are detrimental

Beginning October 8…First, determine the directions in your home where you sleep, work, or spend more than a couple of hours a day. If possible, sleep in the + areas, and avoid the – spaces. The SE sector of any building is typically good for work and abundance, and particularly so in October. The South sector has energy for healing. The West sector could bring arguments. No heavy discussions here please. There’s a potential for food poisoning in the NW. So, don’t dine or spend time here for the rest of the year.

Beginning November 7…The South sector is financially viable and brings happy times. Add a little Fire or red here. In November, the North is a good place to study or work. It’s argumentative in the West and East sectors. Add a little Fire/red in the East and wavy blue or black patterns in the West to limit arguing or metal injuries. Avoid the SW in November, where serious illness resides.

From December 7-January 4… The NE has abundant and sexy energy for the month. Add red and snuggle with your honey here. The North has issues with robbery or loss. Add some red to enhance the effect. Metal goes in the NW, SW, South and East. Add a little red in the SW also. Red is so festive for the holidays. The SE could be a good bedroom or calm place to spend time during the holidays. Add water or blue. Enjoy the process.

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